Sushant Singh Rajput, at the age of 34, has given a shock to everyone by committing suicide, which is difficult to overcome. And now everyone just wants to understand why Sushant took such a big step.
Sushant had a career, a success, a lot of fans, recognition, a place but there was something that was bothering him.
There was something that was constantly pushing Sushant into depression but he could not get out of it. Sushant was doing his best. It is clear in many of his posts that he was trying his best to recover.
But there was just one day when he got tired of fighting. One day he wanted to talk to someone close to him, but perhaps could not. One day, he found death easier than life.
What were the reasons that pushed Sushant on this path –
Success and failure
Sushant Rajput went on to become a huge star with the success of the sacred relationship on TV overnight. Such a big star that there is no shortage of money. After this he made his stand towards films. Here too Sushant became a star overnight but then failures surrounded him. These Sushants probably did not take it like failures.
Career slope
Sushant Singh Rajput’s career for a long time was going downhill despite everything going right and the reason was stalled films and canned films. The effect of this thing gradually began to fall heavily on Sushant.
Work has come and gone
Sushant Singh Rajput has had seven films in the last six months but none of the projects stand with him. His career direction was quite shaky at the moment. And it was heartbreaking for Sushant.
Forever Abandoned
Sushant Singh Rajput has always remained an outsider if people are to take the opinion of twitter. Despite doing excellent work in Bollywood, he was never considered part of the Bollywood family. Sushant himself said this in some of his interviews.
Keep blowing jokes
Sushant also told in one of his interviews that people make fun of him behind his back. At the same time, some interviews of Salman Khan are going viral where he was seen saying – Who Sushant? Why did I film with him? But Sushant never spoke openly about this. He endured everything.
Keep on cheating
Karan Johar offered Sushant a great film like Drive. In return Sushant was forced out of Romeo Akbar Walter. On the other hand, he wanted to do water with Shekhar Kapur and Yash Raj avoided him in many projects in the greed of this film. Later the drive was not released in theaters and Karan Johar released the film on Netflix without telling Sushant. Sushant endured all these deceptions. He never said anything publicly.
With the wrong people
A friend of Sushant Singh Rajput wrote in his letter that he was angry that Sushant had come with the wrong people. People who never let them judge their value.
No acceptance on success
Sushant Singh Rajput got success but not acceptance. He made his film debut with Kai Po Che. After this Dhoni and Chichhore were the best films of their year. But Sushant stayed away from the awards.
Depression and medications
Sushant Singh Rajput, was in depression for the last six months. A disease that very few of us believe is a disease. In such a situation, Sushant had stopped taking his medicines, because he thought that he had recovered. Only your doctor can decide this.
Missing friends
Sushant Singh Rajput had slowly distanced himself from the people. And slowly people too had distanced themselves from them. Sushant is not in such a situation, he does not show it to anyone. The person who used to be very active on Instagram, got up amongst the people and he got himself alone. And nobody saw this thing. And all these reasons gradually pushed Sushant to the path where there is only darkness ahead and nothing else.
Wherever you are now, be relaxed Sushant.