Princess Al Qassimi, associated with the Qatar royal family, is in discussion these days. The reason for the discussion is his tweet against Hate Speech. In fact, on social media platform Twitter, many people are making communal comments by linking Corona infection to the community.One such Twitter user, Saurabh Upadhyay, had made derogatory remarks on the special community, blaming the people of Tabligi Jamaat for spreading corona in India. Saurabh claimed that the city of Dubai was built by Hindus and the special community usurped it. Later, this tweet of Saurabh went viral on social media.

Princess Hend Al Qasimi tweeted retweeting that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in UAE. Rajkumari wrote, ‘The things which spread hatred are the beginning of genocide. Mahatma Gandhi once said, the world will be blinded by taking eye for eye. We should take a lesson from our bloody history. We have to understand that death leads to death and love to love is born. Prosperity also begins with peace. Let me tell you that Princess Het also campaigns against Speech.

Birth in Sharjah Hend Faisal was born in Shahjah City, UAE. This is the city where there used to be a famous series of cricket between India and Pakistan, which is known as Sharjah Cup. Hend’s father was a doctor while his mother was the principal of the school. Hend Faisal is well educated. He has studied Architecture from American University of Sharjah. Apart from this, he has studied project management from Manchester University and also from American University of Cairo.

As a business woman, Hend Faisal has published many articles in newspapers and magazines. She is also the author of a best-selling book. The name of this book is The Black Book of Arabia. Apart from handling many big business responsibilities, Hend Faisal is also a philanthropist and runs charity on a large scale.

No more princess Hend Faisal was married to Prince Al Thani of Qatar in 2006, but the two later separated by mutual consent. The real battle of Hend Faisal started from here. After the separation she wanted her son’s custody but Rajkumar Thani was refusing to do so.

Came on social media to get child custody The story of Hend Faisal coming on social media is interesting. In an interview to wion news, he had said that now he will fight the fight of son’s custody only through social media. Hend Faisal’s relationship with Rajkumar Thani regarding his son reached a very bitter situation. Since 2017, the case is going on between the two for the custody of the child.

Where does Hend Faisal live now At this time, Hand Faisal stays in the UAE. She is now an independent business woman. Apart from business, he is very active in writing. In an interview on social media, he replied late that it happened because of being connected to the royal family. There was a reluctance in me. But then later when the war on the son started in court, then by creating an account on social media, he also sought the cooperation of the people.