Bengaluru Due to the lockdown, migrant laborers trapped in different states are returning to their respective homes. The Ministry of Railways is running labor special trains to take these workers (Migrant Workers) home. Meanwhile, the concern of Punjab and Karnataka government has increased due to the large number of workers returning. Two days ago, the Karnataka government had assured to arrange trains to send migrant workers from other states home. Now the news is that the Yeddyurappa government of the state has canceled Shramik Special trains.

In the last three days, the Railways had run 8 labor special trains from Bengaluru to different states.

According to the news of English newspaper ‘Times of India’, the Yeddyurappa government wrote a letter to the railway on Tuesday evening informing them about the cancellation of the proposed trains for migrant laborers. However, the government has not given any reason to cancel the trains. Explain that in the last three days, Railways had run 8 labor special trains from Bengaluru to different states. More than 10 thousand migrant laborers returned to their homes in these trains which left till Tuesday evening. In such a situation, there is disappointment among the workers with this decision of the government.

According to the report, it is being told that on Tuesday afternoon, CM BS Yeddyurappa held a meeting with prominent builders and real estate industrialists, only after a few hours, the government decided not to run Shramik Special trains. Most of the laborers from Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan worked in Karnataka. In the last three days, one train each for UP and Rajasthan and three trains were run for Bihar. Two trains left for Jharkhand. In these, more than 10 thousand 300 workers have returned to their homes.

In fact, in the third phase of lockdown, the government has given many exemptions. The industry and market are open again, but the work is not being started properly due to the loss of workers. On Monday, State Revenue Minister R Ashok had said that we will try our best to convince the migrant laborers to stop here. During this, their every need will be taken care of.