new Delhi: Amid the ongoing Corona crisis in the country, the sale of liquor was allowed in many cities of the country from Monday to the third phase lockdown. During this time, instructions were given to take care of social distancing. However, as soon as liquor shops were opened, crowds of people gathered. Meanwhile, in view of the crowd in Delhi, many liquor shops were also closed. Meanwhile, the Delhi government has announced a new tax on liquor called ‘Special Corona Fee’. Liquor will be expensive in Delhi from Tuesday.According to the Delhi government, now 70% tax will be levied on MRP in Delhi.

Earlier, the Excise Commissioner of Delhi Government had written a letter to the Police Commissioner of Delhi and said that the police were not allowing the liquor shop to open, because they (the police) have been told to keep the shop closed. The police of the field should be told that four liquor corporations of Delhi Government have been allowed to sell liquor. The shop should be allowed to open from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. It is requested that the local police should be instructed that shops should be opened by following social distancing and other rules.

On the other hand, before this, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the government will withdraw the lockdown concessions from those areas where people will not follow the rules regarding social distance. His announcement was made amid reports that in many areas of the national capital, people did not follow social distance rules at liquor shops. These shops opened on Monday.

Kejriwal said that it is sad that people were not keeping the mandatory distance of six feet or two meters at some shops. He requested people not to take any risk. Kejriwal said in an online media briefing, ‘Shops are not closing. We have to take strict steps. We all have to behave like responsible citizens.

The Chief Minister said that if social distance rules are not followed outside a shop, the government will seal it. Kejriwal said, ‘We have to defeat the corona virus. I appeal people to wear masks, maintain social distance and keep their hands clean.