Jaya Kishori ji Wiki biography:-

Jai Kishori Ji is a popular spiritual leader, preacher, and motivational speaker in India. She was born on July 13, 1995, in a small village called Mator, in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Jai Kishori Ji was born into a family of spiritual leaders and was brought up in a religious environment. She was drawn to spirituality from a young age and started giving discourses on religious and spiritual topics at the age of seven.

She received her early education in a local school and later went on to pursue higher education in Jaipur. She completed her graduation in Arts from Kanoria PG Mahila Vidyalaya in Jaipur.

Jai Kishori Ji is known for her motivational speeches and spiritual discourses, which she delivers in Hindi and Rajasthani. She has a large following, especially among women, and is often invited to speak at spiritual and religious gatherings.

Jai Kishori Ji is also involved in various social welfare activities, including the provision of education and healthcare facilities to the underprivileged sections of society. She has established a charitable trust called “Jai Kishori Ji Charitable Trust” to carry out these activities.

Jai Kishori Ji has also authored several books on spirituality and religion, which have been well received by her followers. Some of her popular books include “Guru Ji Ka Gyan,” “Sant Nirankari,” and “Khatu Shyam Ji Ki Katha.”

Jai Kishori Ji is a revered figure in India, and her teachings have inspired millions of people to lead a spiritual and fulfilling life. She continues to inspire and motivate people through her discourses and social welfare activities.

Jaya kishori ji history:-

Jai Kishori Ji is a spiritual leader and a renowned saint in the Hindu religion. She was born on June 13, 1995, in a small village in Rajasthan, India. Her birth name was Preeti Devi, but she was later named Jai Kishori Ji by her followers.

Jai Kishori Ji’s spiritual journey started at a very young age, and she was deeply influenced by the teachings of Lord Krishna. She was a devotee of Lord Krishna from her childhood, and she spent most of her time reading and reciting the holy scriptures.

Jai Kishori Ji’s spiritual knowledge and teachings soon gained her a large following, and she started giving spiritual discourses and organizing religious events. She is known for her powerful and insightful speeches, which are based on the teachings of Hinduism.

Jai Kishori Ji’s teachings focus on the importance of devotion, faith, and morality in one’s life. She emphasizes the need to live a simple and virtuous life, and her teachings have inspired many people to lead a more spiritual and fulfilling life.

Jai Kishori Ji has also established several charitable institutions to help the poor and the needy. She has organized numerous health camps, educational programs, and other social initiatives to help people in need.

Today, Jai Kishori Ji is one of the most respected and revered spiritual leaders in India. Her teachings have inspired millions of people to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life, and she continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance to her followers.