What do you remember Sona aunty in TV’s famous serial Sonpari. We are talking about the same sonpari who saved the life of his special friend Frutti together with Altu. The actress who played Sonpari in Sonpari serial, do you know where she is now and what she is doing?

Sonpari serial was a big hit among children

Actress Mrinal Kulkarni appeared in the role of Son Pari. This serial came in the year 2000 and was a big hit among children. This serial was made in many other languages ​​in view of its popularity. 

Debut at the age of 16

Let us tell you some special things about actress Mrinal Kulkarni. Mrinal Kulkarni was born on 21 June 1968 and started his acting career at the age of 16.

Performed many TV shows, but none like Sonpari

The owner of the Marathi TV show was his first project. In that serial, he played the wife of Peshwa Madherao. He got a lot of recognition after that show. Mrinal worked in several TV serials like Srikanth, The Great Maratha, Hasraten, Draupadi, Mirabai, Teacher, Khel and Sparsh. But today people still speak by the name of Sonpari. 

Marathi films with Bollywood also showed his talent

Mrinal Kulkarni worked in several Hindi and Marathi films with TV. Mrinal has worked in Hindi films such as Made in China, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye. Not only this, he has also brought his success to Marathi cinema.  

Sonpari is roling Marathi cinema

Today, the top actress and elder director of Marathi cinema is Mrinal Kulkarni. He took over the direction of a Marathi film Prem Mhanje Prem Mhanje Prem Asta. 

Quit acting on tv

Mrinal Kulkarni had a great career on TV. He has done about 22 shows on TV but if the focus does not get removed from his direction, he said goodbye to the world of TV. 

Mrinal Kulkarni did not want to become an actress

Actress Mrinal Kulkarni never wanted to be. Actually she was completing her doctorate in Philosophy and wanted to pursue a career in that. But he got the offers of acting in the middle of studies and then he thought of making a career in acting. 

Mrinal married a childhood friend and took a break from acting

Mrinal Kulkarni married his childhood friend Ruchir Kulkarni in the year 1990. Please tell that he has a daughter who works in Marathi films. Mrinal took Breg from acting shortly after his marriage. However, he hit back. Today he is a well-known name in Marathi cinema.