new Delhi. India has suffered a huge setback from the boxing world. The World Boxing Association (AIBA) has withdrawn from India the hosting of the World Boxing Championship to be held in 2021. AIBA says that the Indian Boxing Federation failed to pay hosting fees. Let me tell you that India had hosted this tournament for the first time in the year 2017, it was to be held in New Delhi but now it has been taken away from the country.

World Boxing Championship will be held in Serbia

The World Boxing Association has also announced the new host of the World Boxing Championships. Now in 2021 the game will take place in Belgrade, Serbia. The interim president of AIBA Mohammad Mustahashane said that this will be a big tournament for Serbia. He said that Serbia has everything to organize such a big tournament. He will have athletes, coaches and officials working fiercely in this direction.

India was warned in the year 2018

Explain that the Indian Boxing Association was warned by the AIBA in the year 2018 when India did not give a visa to Kosovo boxer Donjeta Sadiku. After this, an international controversy had arisen and the AIBA warned that this could have an impact on the Games being held in India in the future. India did not give a visa to the boxer of Kosovo because our country does not mother Kosovo as an independent country. Actually, India and Russia have friendship and if India takes such a step, the intimacy between Russia and India can be affected.
After all, this warning of 2018 has been proved to be true AIBA has snatched the Boxing Championship from India, although the reason for this is said to have failed to pay the hosting fees.

AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships takes place in the city of Belgrade in 2021.

— AIBA (@AIBA_Boxing) April 28, 2020