Web Series Review: Betal Artists: Vineet Kumar, Suchitra Pillai, Ahana Kumra and Jeetendra Joshi etc. Director: Patrick Graham, Nikhil Mahajan Producers: Red Chillies Entertainment, Blumhouse Productions, SK Global Entertainment OTT: Netflix Rating: * 1/2

It was not long before he was invited to the office of Red Chillies Entertainment to interview Manish Mundra, the producer of the film ‘Everybody’s Part Khalam’, and CEO of the company Gaurav Verma. I arrived five minutes before the scheduled time of 3:30. After that Raita, spreading from the gate to the floor fixed for the interview, showed that the Red Chillies were no longer the Red Chillies, in which everything used to be very vigilant. Learning to test wheat by testing it also works in the city. Whatever happens in front of you from the gate of an office to the CEO is the future of the company.

This reference here is because the context is of a viewer’s time. It is okay that Red Chillies has saved half of its season 2 after making the whole series following the footsteps of Window Seat Films. But, the explanation is that just like the series Shea did, it is a much worse series than it was, Betal. It would not be a big deal to see Patrick Graham on a flight to London during this Corona period. This fellow does not know what to make? In Gool somehow people have endured their gruesome juice, but in Betal, they have to confuse themselves on which juice they have to stick to.

I have traveled through Chhattisgarh very well. From Bilaspur to Abujhmad and further to the iron mines of Bastar. The makers of this series may not have even gone to Raipur. Finding a dialect like Bahubali’s Mlechcha Sena is the complete offering of the makers of this series. The story is of a tunnel falling in the path of a highway. It is not even wide that the highway passes through it and when there is no way out from inside, then what is the need to open it? The tribal tunnels of the area are seated. Within the tunnel are the dead corpses (zombies) of the 1857 army.

The makers of such series have discovered that the makers of real zombie films should be ashamed. If you have seen Train to Busan, World War Z, 28 Days or Night of the Living Dead, then you will feel yourself wondering why did you start watching this series? Vineet Kumar Singh has signed this series and earlier Bard of Blood only in the name of Shah Rukh Khan’s production house or he really likes both these topics, I am going to ask him in the next meeting.

Vineet is a very observant and dedicated actor. The problem of those who make these websites is that they are not able to create a character worthy of them. Ahna Kumara does not get cast in her character from anywhere. She is right that any male artist could do this role, then what was the need to make a female character here? There is nothing to do here for Suchitra Pillai except the hair is black and white. If the character of Jeetendra Joshi was written in a proper manner, then the matter could have been made.

The technical side of the series is also very weak. Shooting seems to have been done without proper lighting on moving cameras. There is no research in costume. Makeup is also very cheap. It seems that the Netflix company is getting Ramadhir Singh of Gangs of Wasseypur one after the other. Half a year has passed, a kind of Hindi cinema or series, these people have not been able to release yet. Everything is closed from all sides. The next number is again from Anurag Kashyap’s film Choked. Let’s see what’s open there, what’s closed.